“From engraving to written”



The IV Meeting of Typography is organized by the Scientific Technical Unit of Design and Audiovisual and Media Production in association with the Centre for Research in Music, Arts and Design (CIMAD) from the Higher School of Applied Arts (ESART) Polytechnic Institute Castelo Branco (IPCB).

With the subject “From engraving to written” the IV Meeting of Typography main objective is to consolidate itself as a center for dissemination, discussion and reflection about typographic research and development on a national and international scale.

With the participation of researchers, practitioners, teachers and students authors of projects dedicated to typography, this meeting aims to promote the exchange of experiences arising from the exercise of design profession in companies, research or academic contexts, in order to promote new knowledge.

Previous editions

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bola 2 et 2

bola 3 et

I National Typography Meeting,
oheld in May 2010, sob a organização
da Escola Superior de Arte e Design
das Caldas da Rainha (Instituto
Politécnico de Leiria).

II National Typography Meeting,
held in September 2011 by the
Department of Communication
and Arts (DeCA).

III Typography Meeting Organized
by the Department of Image Arts (DAI),
School of Music, Arts and Performing Arts
(ESMAE), Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP)
through the Research Institute for Design,
Media and Culture (ID +) and the
School of Art and Design, Matosinhos (ESAD).