Cross Between Styles

Rúben R. Dias, Ricardo Santos and Aprígio Morgado


Initially RUHÁ was developed as a teaching tool with the aim of teaching Graphic Design students experiencing the form of letters as a sign and carrier of meanings in the context of visual communication. Subsequently RUHÁ established itself as an independent project, materializing in a product, extended to the whole community.
The RUHÁ has the rigidity of the rational Roman du Roi, a typeface curated by Louis XIV (XVII century) for the Imprimerie Royale, for which the academy of sciences typographical developed a model based on geometric proportions. In contrast it is a flexible tool for allowing a piece-by-piece building from a variety of typographic styles.

Exploration of a letter making system, multi-stylistic
This stencil ruler presents a proposal for a didone typographic model style allowing the development of a variety of complementary versions on the same basis.
The model is the result of a breakdown / synthesis of elementary forms from the alphabet and their interrelations, allowing the creation of a system that, in the logic of building piece-by-piece, simplifies the exploration of various typographic styles in the same category.
Following the proposed model or discovering its possibilities, it is intended that the participants explore the message through graphic and ideographic potential of the alphabet, learning by doing and experiencing concepts of construction, shape, proportion, contrast, classification and spacing of the letters.

- Understanding the alphabet as an interrelated shape system.
– Acquire skills on the construction, shape, proportion, contrast, classification and spacing on letterpress.
– Explore the message contents through the form, taking advantage of the potential multi-stylistic stencil.


Rúben R. Dias


Ricardo Santos


Aprígio Morgado

Methodology and work stages
- Introduction to template stencil.
- Planning, construction and spacing model of typographic compositions.
- Discussion of the compositions developed.
- Exploring the possibilities stylistic mold.

Requirements for participation
Students and professionals in the fields of Design, Visual Arts, Architecture or related fields.

Number of participants
A minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 participants

Material to Use (facilitated by the organization)
Paper Large Format
Pads stamps
Dolls inking
Pencil and eraser
NOTE: Participants are invited to bring materials that they feel fit, in order to broaden the range of experimentation workshop)

Duration and schedule of sessions
One day, from 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:00