{Cultural Program}

September 26
Escola Superior de Gestão de Idanha-a-Nova


10.00h – 13.00h / 15.00h – 17.00h
(Workshops run simultaneously)

.Calligraphy Workshop
{Ricardo Rousselot}

.Introduction to Type Design
{FontLab Ltd.}

.Advanced level in type design
{Daniel Rodriguez}

.Cross Between Styles
{Rúben R. Dias, Ricardo Santos e Aprígio Morgado}


20.00h - Welcome event (CCR)

September 27
Old Cathedral of Idanha-a-Velha


08.00 - ET BUS {Transfer from Termas de Monfortinho, Ladoeiro and Idanha-a-Nova}

08.30h - Reception and Accreditation

10.00h - Opening Session

10.30h - A life drawing letters
{Ricardo Rousselot}

11.30h – Parenthesis {Coffee Break}

I - The roman alphabet: first characterization graphic/visual – Eduardo Herrera

II - The beginnings of typography in Portugal: facts and figures – Ana Filomena Curralo

III - The lessons of Lead – Oriol Moret

13.00h - Parenthesis {Almoço}

15.00h - Character set: a minuscule interest in letter-making by gesture and geometry
{Gary Munch}

16.00h - Parenthesis {Coffee Break}

IV - Typographic week in Bauru: an interaction between the University and the community – Fernanda Henriques and Cassia Leticia Carrara Domiciano

V - Contributions to diffusion of knowledge in typography: the example of the project Desembaralho – Edileno Capistrano Filho and Paulo Fernando de Almeida Souza

VI - Teaching Strategies for Letterform design in 1st year B.A. degree in Communication Design course: Letterform design as an expressive element of communication – Joana Lessa

VII - The “image” of the written word: analysis of meanings of typographical signs of Visual Corporate Identity – Leire Fernández

18.10h – Portuguese ATypI Panel –{Vitor Quelhas and Pedro Amado}

18.30 - ET BUS {Transfer to Idanha-a-Nova – Next to the entrance door}

19.00h - Book Launch (CCR – Centro Cultural Raiano)

19.30h – Tasting of regional products (CCR)

23.00 – ET BUS {Transfer to Ladoeiro and Termas de Monfortinho}

September 28
Old Cathedral of Idanha-a-Velha


08.30 - ET BUS {Transfer from Termas de Monfortinho, Ladoeiro and Idanha-a-Nova}

08.30h - Reception and Accreditation

10.30h - Type Design — from punches to digital
{Rúben R. Dias}

11.30h – Parenthesis {Coffee Break}

VIII - The meaning of the grid – Roberto Gamonal

IX - Nominative architectural typography: emergence of a new category – Alexandre Salomon

X - Letters of everyday life: a look at the design for the city information – Emerson Eller and Sérgio Antônio Silva.

13.00h - Parenthesis {Almoço}

15.00h - Setting your tone of voice
{Bruno Maag}

16.00h - Parenthesis {Coffee Break}

XI - The influence of the artistic language of Eduardo Chillida in creating the typeface EHU – Eduardo Herrera and Leire Fernández

XII - Methodology of the criation of the project of the typeface EHU – María Pérez

XIII - Typography and representation: semiotics applied to Globo soupe operas logos  - Dominique Kronemberger and Mirella De Menezes Migliari.

XIV - Typography in layers: A customizable design proposal – Marianne K. Yoshiyassu and Fernanda Henriques.

XV - Adaptation of the color of typography in web pages for people with color vision deficit – Madalena Ribeiro and Abel Gomes.

18.00h – End stop { . } Enric Tormo

18.30 - ET BUS {Transfer to Idanha-a-Nova – Next to the entrance door}

20.00h – Exhibition opening (CCR) “From epigraphy to calligraphy, from typography to poetry” {Jorge dos Reis}

23.00 – ET BUS {Transfer to Ladoeiro and Termas de Monfortinho}

September 29
Penha Garcia through the Fossils Trail


08.30h - Bus transport from Hotel Units (Termas de Monfortinho, Ladoeiro e Idanha-a-Nova) to Penha Garcia.

10.00h - Visit to the typical village of Penha Garcia through the Fossils Trail (3km) passing by iconological Castle Park (fossils dating back 480 million years ago), Mills Caster.

12.30h - Parenthetical {Lunch at a restaurant with regional food}

14.30h - Return to Centro Cultural Raiano.

15.45h - Transfer from Idanha-a-Nova (front of Centro Cultural Raiano) to Lisbon (stop at the airport and Oriente Station).
Price per person: 10 euros.

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